Can we demonstrate depth and breadth through a communication style?  


Hays is the world’s largest global specialist recruitment business. Hays were being ‘squeezed’ by generalist recruiters and executive search agencies entering the specialist recruitment market.  There was also a lack of cohesion across territories and a need to re-energise and galvanise the workforce.

A new brand idea ‘Powering the World of Work’ helped galvanise the organisation globally.  

An evolution of the existing visual expression (based around a descriptor system) emphasised the specialist nature of the brand.  This was supported by a series of ‘H’ symbols which acted as windows to the different specialisms and emphasised  there differences. A strong tone of voice and messaging system allowed Hays to revolutionise the way they produced recruitment advertising.

And just to be clear, BrandQ Consultant Paul Smith was the lead Design Director on this brand identity while he was working at the design agency Interbrand.

Project included:
Insights, Logo, Tagline, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity, Brand Imagery, Template Design, Guidelines