How do we signal change of focus without compromising company heritage?


ICP specialise in high quality global production services, helping their clients deliver the highest level of user adoption for Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Technology solutions. They have 25 years experience managing global marketing process and creative content for some of the world’s largest advertisers and their agencies.

Proud of their production heritage, however a change in focus, towards digital asset management, was the catalyst for a new brand idea and visual identity. The new brand idea of ‘Creative Empathy’ was distilled from the existing brand DNA.

This meeting of minds forms the basis of the visual identity. The use of the heads device provides a really simple way of communicating the needs of different ICP audiences, and the balance that needs to be achieved between them. The heads either come together as a single device, or break apart to from a conversation between technology and marketing.

The new word mark suggests dialogue, and is deliberately ‘low-tech’ and workmanlike.

ICP is a global team of experts working in creative production, digital asset management and marketing technology. Adapting, localising and managing our client’s marketing assets. We were established in 1988 and have now successfully evolved from a London based organisation into a multi office global network.

With this evolution we needed to evolve our branding. In the same way our philosophy, is to work directly and closely with our clients we wanted to work with a branding specialist in the same way. We chose Paul and the team because of their impeccable credentials. Also, because they fitted our criteria of a lean working model.

They spent a lot of time deep diving into ICP’s DNA to understand what we were about, allied with the major evolutionary changes we were going through at that time. They needed to capture and define a completely new marketing communication to the one we had predominantly had for nearly 30 years.

When they delivered back and the many meetings that followed, the process was well managed, enjoyable and collaborative. Like all good clients we threw them a few curve balls which were well held, debated and efficiently resolved.

We got to a new branding which absolutely represents where we are now and has a beautiful timelessness that will serve us for many years ahead. The process and outcomes were absolutely right for us. It’s a shame their solution means we can’t do it again sooner.

Martin Handyside, ICP, Operations Director

Project included:
Insights, Value Proposition, Naming, Logo, Tagline, Visual Identity, Digital Strategy & Design, Communication Design, Guidelines