How do we launch a tech startup brand with global ambitions?


Kim is a new type of cognitive assistant aimed at knowledge working. Kim represent the next wave of AI-driven automation software that empowers knowledge workers with no IT programming experience to create systems that reflect how their work is actually performed

Kim helps all businesses to automate, manage and visualise work-flows, and document knowledge and content. It helps people & teams make better, quicker decisions and frees them to do the important things.

KIM = Knowledge, Intelligence, Meaning.

Knowledge is pervasive, intelligence needs meaning, context provides all three.

Kim is changing the way knowledge workers do their work and is already hard at work across multiple industries both in the US and UK. The platform has quickly found a home in Legal, Compliance, Procurement and HR, but is applicable to many other functions.

To bring the Kim brand to life, we developed the brand strategy, visual expression and UX/UI design.

Project included:
Insights, Brand Strategy, Logo, Visual Identity, Guidelines, UX/UI Design, Icons