How do we merge and rename whilst retaining links to our heritage?

Petroc Big.png

Petroc is result of the coming together of a vocational and 6th form college in Devon and Cornwall in the UK, both of which had a number of campuses throughout the region. The merger of two colleges, with very different Ofsted reports, required a new name and idea to stimulate growth and create greater awareness inside and outside of the region. The new brand was also intended to be a precursor to a move to a new campus.

The new name ‘Petroc’ feels fresh and abstract whilst retaining links to Devon and Cornwall - through Saint Petroc.

The new expression derived from the brand idea ‘Opening Eyes’ breaks with the traditional approach to college branding. Petroc has a new logo, but one which additional messages can be added to help communicate directly what the college means. The new visual toolkit was created with a view to implementation being carried out internally by staff and students.

And just to be clear, BrandQ Consultant Paul Smith was the lead Design Director on this brand identity while he was working at the design agency Interbrand.