Can a new brand enable our business to grow to the next stage? 


Plan Partners specialises in providing financial-plan management and support coordination to people with a disability who are participating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Established as Plan Management Partners by McMillan Shakespeare Group in 2016, the venture had a successful trial period in New South Wales in its first year before being rolled out across much of the rest of Australia.

Looking to accelerate growth and reach a target of 3,500 customers by mid 2018, BrandQ were appointed to create a new positioning and branding for the business that would appeal to customers, service providers, other organisations and most importantly, the team at Plan Partners.

Early into the program BrandQ identified that the existing name (Plan Management Partners) had some restrictions, and after much consideration and research it was agreed to rename to ‘Plan Partners’, allowing the business to be more than just plan management with the ease of pronunciation and recall. As the new name was still quite functional, an emotive tagline ‘Bringing your plan to life’ was created to be added to the name. The tagline is an active promise and displays exactly what Plan Partners does across both plan management and support coordination.

The brand positioning ‘Realising Potential’ connected on a number of levels, enabling the business to realise in different ways: to become aware of and also to achieve for both customers and service providers.

The strength of the logo is that it can be interpreted in a number of different ways:
-  It looks like two people, reflecting partnership between Plan Partners and their customers
-  It has an upwards movement, demonstrating growth and realising potential
-  It has an organic feel, such as branches or leaves

A range of graphic line shapes in highlight colours formed the basis of the brand identity. These graphic lines were derived from the symbol in the logo and were used to express a range of connections to the customer. 

The rebrand scope also included the creation of a customer charter – a series of measurable commitments. The charter was published on the website and Plan Partners will report regularly on the results. A campaign to launch the charter was developed by BrandQ and rolled out across all key media communications.

Plan Partners exceeded their targets shortly after launch and in mid 2018 relocated its headquarters to larger offices to accommodate their growth.