How do we create an emotional connection with customers? 


Tranquilidade, one of Portugal's largest insurance companies, was looking increasingly institutional and dated, in a highly competitive market place. The merger with Açoreana presented the opportunity to refresh the look and feel, better leverage the size of the combined agent network, and add greater meaning to the brand. The Tranquilidade brand has long been associated with values such as solidity and confidence. However, it was necessary to improve and promote other areas where it was perceived as not being as strong, such as proximity to customers.

The brand idea ‘building together a responsible way of life’ encourages a closer relationship between agent and client. 

A relationship which highlights risks, suggests actions, and allows customers more control over their future. The refreshed visual expression, based around 13 shades of green, feels fresh, clean and agile and communicates scope, inclusivity and closeness. The re-brand also includes television and radio advertising, a refreshed agent retail scheme, and new digital touch-points. The new advertising campaign encourages people to express their insurance concerns using the platform ‘What’s on Portugal’s mind 2018’ and features the strapline ‘we want to know more from you’.

Project included:
Brand strategy, Brand experience, Brand Identity, UX/UI design, Art direction, TV, radio and print advertising, Brand film, Animation